Dress to Impress

New Year's Eve is like no other night of the year. It calls for drama and demands flair. It turns the game of dress-up into a grown-up affair. If you're seeking the final touches for that fabulous holiday costume, look no further than our must-have list. Trust us: You'll party with panache.

Hipsters, unite -- and head to Sunneshine Couture in Cherry Creek North for the coolest party threads around. This tiny boutique is packed with glittery holiday shirts for women, suave T-shirts and button-downs for men, and black-velvet jeans for both sexes. "They're the perfect party pants if you want to do something a little unconventional with denim," says owner Sunne Pollart. "Our clients are people who want to look casually thrown together but still look sexy and great." Sunneshine also sells men's and women's shoes, purses and jewelry, along with daring low-rider thongs in 24 colors, making it the perfect one-stop shopping spot for a festive New Year's Eve outfit. Sunneshine Coutoure, 3003 East Third Avenue, 303-393-7414.

To bring out your inner fetishist -- or just add a little industrial edge -- nothing but a collar will do. Not those Peter Pan things your mother made you wear, though: We¹re talking leather and spikes. Of course, you can go full-on bondage with whips and paddles if you're so inclined, but an unexpected hint of danger tucked inside that elegant silk blouse is just as nice. Or try one of FashioNation's rhinestone collars to spice up a vintage, biased-cut gown -- at around $16, they're an easy outfit topper. FashioNation, 613 East 13th Avenue, 303-832-2909.

Say you want to feel like a princess on the big night (who doesn't?). Swing by Flossy McGrew's for a tiara, the perfect girly-girl accessory. Flossy's has more than fifteen styles of glittery headpieces -- everything from plastic to rhinestone-festooned (also available at American Aces). If you prefer to view the world through rose-colored glasses, this cavernous costume store is the place to grab a pair of fun peepers, like big Elton John-style rims. There are also wigs in every color of the rainbow -- even a silver tinsel-like version -- plus Mardi Gras masks, jewelry and more. Flossy McGrew's, 824 South Broadway, 303-778-0853.

Then again, you can't go wrong with fairy wings on New Year's Eve. Whether your evening attire has a flouncy, floral touch, the ethereal Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings look or a more bold, modern twist, fairy wings can take your outfit from sophisticated to sublime. And you don't need a special dress to wear them: Consider pairing Talulah Jones's brightly colored ladybug wings with basic black pants and turtleneck (a warm choice for viewing fireworks outdoors). All of the wings are made for children, but there are two different sizes: $18 for the small ones, which come in green, blue, pink and yellow; and $12 for the larger version, which come in green or purple. Talulah Jones, 1122 East 17th Avenue, 303-832-1230.

Need a quick way to add a little va-va-va-voom to your outfit? Consider trimming your neckline, hemline or shoes with a marabou boa. Just dab on a little glue and paste the downy sash to the item in need of flair. Or, for more drama, try a full-length feather boa, the standard-bearer of New Year's Eve attire. Wrap it once around your neck and let the ends shimmy where they may. Best worn with a lovely neck- and shoulder-baring gown, American Vogue boas are the perfect way to add understated sex appeal and glamour. And be sure to peruse the full line of fishnets, seamed stockings and pantyhose in stock. American Vogue, 10 South Broadway, 303-733-4140.

Sometimes you just have to turn to the Web -- like when you're looking for quality glittery makeup. Using glitter can be a delicate balancing act between getting just enough punch and looking like a second-grade craft project gone awry, so you need someone you can trust. Enter the professionals at, who carry glittery eye shadow, lipstick, lotions and dusting powder in brands touted by New York fashion stylists. Whether it's a bronzed glow or a haute-couture eye design you're seeking, the tools are all here. But plan ahead, because it has to be shipped. Order by December 25 to have it by New Year's Eve., 1-877-737-4672,

In fact, the Web is an ideal place to order all of your New Year's Eve party accessories. has everything from banners to Hawaiian leis to paper hats covered in glitter. When the big ball drops in Times Square, you'll be rockin' and rollin' with big bags of confetti and tons of those obnoxious metal noisemakers. When it comes to celebrating, we say the louder and messier, the better! For you procrastinators, the site will accept orders for New Year's Eve through December 27., 1-888-522-3725,

Follow Verne Troyer's lead when it comes to champagne this New Year's Eve: buy a mini-version. Along with several other local liquor stores, Argonaut Liquors is stocking up on small bottles of bubbly -- the perfect size to down in one swig. But be sure to buy early if you don't want to waste your evening standing in a checkout line. "Everyone puts off buying champagne till the last minute, but you've got to have it," says Sheila Carey, Argonaut's wine manager. "The last thing you want to do is spend the big night waiting in line." So get over there and make your purchase -- then tuck it in your pocket and hit the town. Argonaut Liquors, 700 East Colfax Avenue, 303-831-7788.