Small World

Kids are such deep little creatures. Though most parents will shake their heads at the notion of youngsters making truly meaningful New Year's resolutions (other than shallow pledges promising to be even more greedy in the coming year), the small-fry will surprise you. And when we came a-polling, even those unclear on the whole resolution concept still had some high-minded ideas about what would be good for the world in 2003. We should all be so wise (and/or wise-mouthed). From the mouths of babes:

Hannah, age eleven: I would try being less afraid of my cat when he's angry, and I hope to make new friends and keep up my grades. And I hope people stop killing animals and that there would be less pollution.

Lora, age nine: I'd try not to pick on my brother, not to whine and to remember who's boss. I hope for world peace and for no smoking. Anyone who smokes should go to jail.

Charlie, age four: I hope that all sisters are cold, that bombs would explode on all houses except ours and Olliver's and that I get some coal so it would turn into diamonds. You know, coal that is years old.

Leah, age four: Well, there's one thing: It's good to learn math problems because you would learn all sorts of great and good stuff. It's good to make an apology. We should be nice to other people. It's nice to care about the whole world. And I think it would be very nice to do something for poor kids. If they're blind, you could help them see. And I would maybe get a baby from China.

Minh, age thirteen: I hope they find Osama bin Laden and....

Mai, age eleven: I hope there will be peace in the world.

Madeline, age eight: I want peace for the new year.

Ellie, age nine: I'd try not to complain to my parents and to listen to what they say. I hope for whatever wars we're in to end: Peace on earth and good will to men!

Amen to that.