Drink of the Week

Roll out the red carpet! There's a hip new place to drink in Denver! Forest Room 5, which opened six days before Christmas, is housed in an old Denver firehouse (#5) on what used to be Forest Street -- and is now the main drag between Highland and LoDo. The history explains the bar's weird name (previously, it was the Highland Bar), and the cool interior -- all exposed brick, big new windows and funky steel light fixtures -- requires no explanation. Instead, you can dive right into one of Forest Room 5's wide range of martinis. The Pineapple Martini ($6), for example, is made with vodka, gin, Triple Sec, Rose's lime and pineapple juices, plus a splash of cranberry juice for color and Sprite for bubbles; it's then garnished with two cherries skewered on a straw. Sip it while looking at the cool blue lights of downtown or watching the cosmic ambient images pulsing like black holes on the large, flat-screen TV over the bar. You can imagine you're chilling in a trendy bar in the West Village rather than the gateway to west Denver.