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Los Lantzmun

They're coming to your town, they'll help you party down, they're a Jewish world band. Singing songs of celebration, suffering, love and prayer, Los Lantzmun honor on Lantzville the world cultures that have given rise to Jewish music. The group borrows its uplifting sound from traditional Israeli music, Gypsy culture and even mystic poetry, playing with a chipper blend of violin, flute, guitar, oboe, cello, recorder, pennywhistle, button accordion and diverse percussion. It's like Fiddler on the Roof coming to the New World by way of several folk and bluegrass festivals, not to mention a stop at Reggae on the Rocks. Los Lantzmun, a name derived from a Yiddish word meaning "someone from your town," preserve the spirit of ancient cultures while pushing the acoustic envelope toward the new age. (See