Letters to the Editor

Is Everybody Happy?

The rat patrol: Regarding Patricia Calhoun's "The Smile High City," in the February 20 issue:

I'll be in my "happy zone" when Wellington Webb is finally out of office. Now that the time's coming close, it's getting easier and easier to see how the wheels have come off of this city. No overpaid "change manager" is going to be able to manage Denver's way out of the mess Webb is leaving us with.

Talk about rats leaving a sinking ship!

Don Monroe

A tangled Webb: I applaud Patricia Calhoun's "The Smile High City." I wish our daily newspapers had the guts to print an article such as this during the Webb administration, instead of being so afraid of whatever kept them from doing so.

Calhoun is not the only one whom Webb's blatant favoritism and hypocrisies were not wasted on.

G. Boechler
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Never on Sunday

News flash: Michael Roberts's "Penetrate This," in the February 27 issue, states that the Saturday Rocky Mountain News dropped 54,000 copies on Saturday.

Could it be that since you cannot subscribe to the Rocky without getting William Dean Singleton's Sunday comPost stinking up your front steps that you would only buy the Rocky at the newsstand daily?

Could it be that since the Rocky is so huge on Saturday that you'd have to remodel your kitchen to have room to open and read it, you'd skip the Saturday edition?

Yes, 54,000 readers of the Rocky Mountain News did just that.

David D. Neuman

To Have and to Hold

Shoot to thrill: A minor commentary on David Holthouse's "Bull's Eyeful" story about Katica Crippen, in the February 13 issue:

I can see both sides of the argument, as I have experience from both ends. On one side, the gun-rights people are moaning for her to be able to have that gun, yet her rights are legally stripped away to even touch the gun. On the other side, the law states that she can't possess a weapon. Isn't that weighed by the degree of the action according to that same law, though? How much time do you give for holding a gun to shoot nude pictures? How much do you give for sodomy? (It isn't the definition you think, but still illegal.) Do we mount cameras all over people's bedrooms to determine if they participate in this activity? Do we tell all actors who fit the profile that they can't do movies that they hold a gun in? One extreme deserves another, don't ya think?

As I stated, I know both sides: As a baby, my son made the front page at a gun-rights rally. My now-ex-wife wanted him there; I didn't agree that he belonged there, nor that it would be a safe environment for any child.

Lastly, speaking of guns: Our big guns are being divided at the moment for various wars, actions, etc. -- divide and conquer. Too many fronts, goodbye USA, and all these editorials mean nothing. Every empire has gone down when they tried to rule the world. You want to whine about something, whine to the government about getting involved in too many places at once. September 11, 2001, was a terrible day, September 12 a great day of unity: Color, creed, religion mattered not. Today, let's blow up the world, as they don't see things the way we do. Pretty sad what changes in such a short time.

Dan Phalen

Mind Over Mutter

The shell game: JM Schell's February 27 letter regarding Julie Jargon's "Making the Grade," in the February 13 issue, is evidence of a second-class narcissistic mind at work.

Beneath the heavily slathered invective and clever frosting, I know there must be a point or two inside that sickly sweet confection. But for the life of me, I can't seem to get past the agenda-laden wisecracks to see what it might be. Perhaps one day Schell will crawl out of his self-congratulatory shell and actually make an attempt to communicate with the real world.

Franklin Boyd

Are You a Man or a Louse?

Meal ticket: After reading Jason Sheehan's amusing "From Russia With Love" review of Astoria Restaurant, I had to respond to Carol Carpenter's "Meal Chauvinist Pig" letter in the same February 27 issue.

The only person who might have reason to object to Jason using the term "the wife" would be his wife. He's a man, a married man, so when he's taking his mate out for a meal, she's clearly a "wife." And why should she pay? Isn't Westword footing their bills?

I can't compare Jason's writing to that of Westword's previous critic -- I never found the Cafe reviews interesting enough to read before -- but he's a really entertaining writer. Who happens to be a man.

Get over it.

Susan Hammond
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Clear Thinking

The same old song: Regarding Michael Roberts's "A Dam in the Stream," in the February 6 issue:

I am writing regarding KTCL, KBPI and KBCO. These stations have lost their individuality since Clear Channel gained control of them. Each now goes through the same format day in and day out.

KBCO used to play popular music from the past; this was refreshing, especially if it was a song that had not been played in a while. There must be an infinite library for them to work with instead of playing the same things. Fresh new music is great, but let's throw in some Smiths/Morrisey, New Order, Ocean Blue, Oasis, INXS, Depeche Mode, Primal Scream, Sugar Cubes/Björk, Cure, etc.

KTCL is nothing like it used to be. It used to test the boundaries, playing various music to suit various moods -- from techno on the weekends to true alternative music during the week. Now it is just another mainstream station going through the motions. Give it back its freedom to explore beyond the mainstream.

KBPI is also running the same cycle of rock music, and when it does play something from the past, it is the same classic tracks. Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix have many more great songs than the handful this station plays. And heavy metal now has a great library from the past to work with -- Megadeth, Mötley Crüe, more Ozzy, classic Metallica, Scorpions, Ratt, etc.

When I am at home, I listen to radio stations on the Internet; I play CDs in my car. I will avoid these stations until they bring back some variety and there is some parity. Maybe radio is losing its audience to the Net for this reason.

Kevin G.
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