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Crash Orchid

Fans of Breathing Eve's guitar-driven mood rock were disappointed when the outfit called it quits in 2001, as the move seemed premature for a promising band still finding its sound. Apparently, guitarist Chad Lindberg, bassist Chris Calloway and drummer Katie Aikens agreed: The trio picked up songstress Heather Ballew and formed Crash Orchid, a project that echoes Eve's brooding aesthetic and dark-pop sound. Combining experimentation with catchy melodies, Orchid's two-song demo boasts Ballew's strong vocals and a seasoned songwriting sensibility; a growing list of live dates suggests the band is reclaiming the gentle buzz of its Breathing days. A full-length CD is due from the Crashers' own Palace Flophouse studio sometime this spring. Until then, the band is blooming live: Crash Orchid appears Thursday, March 13, at the Lion's Lair, with the Affairs and Wind-Up Merchants.