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"Emotional Landscapes: A Tribute to Björk" is a project that Boulder pianist Erik Deutsch has imagined for years. The program, which takes place Thursday, March 13, at the Boulder Theater, will consist of four vocalists taking turns interpreting the music of the Icelandic diva; they'll be accompanied by a seven-member band as well as naturalistic film projections by CU film student alala one. Deutsch selected the four singers -- two men and two women -- based on their varying degrees of vocal ranges and styles. Liza, a local rock-and-soul-style singer, and Sonya Vallet, a worldbeat singer who lent her voice to a recent DJ Crush album, will rotate on the theater's stage, as will DeVotchKa's Nick Urata and Casey Collins, a singer who has been working solo and with musicians in the Boulder area for years. Each will perform songs from Björk's solo career, which spans ten years and six albums. The accompanying band, which includes Deutsch on piano, consists of an accordion player, two bass players, a string section, a drummer and a laptop programmer. Dust off your feather boas and get ready to pay tribute to the princess of mercurial moods.