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Reverend DeadEye

"The Bible Thump! The Bible Thump! Everybody do the Bible Thump!!!" Along with his dead eye, the good Reverend might just have a couple screws loose. Bibles, hellfire, trains, booze and babes are Reverend DeadEye's meat and potatoes, and he delivers his lyrics in what could only be called "singing in tongues" -- whooping, panting and gurgling his gospel in a Pentecostal frenzy. Like some immaculately ill-conceived union of Doo Rag and the Dwarves, this four-song CD is a sloppy, swampy document of blues and punk, a sour mash of no-fi grit and Mississippi Delta murk. Stranger yet, the Reverend is a one-man band, bashing out drumbeats, harp riffs and guitar licks while attacking the mike like it was Satan's own CB. Truly, this disc is a testament to the burning, cleansing fire of redemption and insanity. (See