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Crisp and crunchy, Aggressive Persuasion is easily the most exciting thing to come out of Pueblo since....well, since anything. Raw, hungry, and young enough for half the band to be graduating from high school, the force of AP has moved like a wrecking ball through Denver's heavy music scene and stamped its name across twenty states. Formed in 1997 and transformed in 2001 by the addition of Steve Leflar on vocals, AP has jumped all of the local-band hurdles with agility, focused on honing its music and creating a performance that's just one stop short of madness. Drawing on a love for intense metal, hip-hop and Leflar's background in a cappella, AP hotwires the nü-metal sound with blasts of melody and frequent bursts of frenetic energy. Even the sweet-looking blond girl on bass snarls enough to convince you that these are the kids your grandma is afraid of. Catch them when they open for Motörhead at the Gothic Theatre this Tuesday, April 29, with Planes Mistaken for Stars. Aggressive, yes -- and oh, so persuasive.