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Pretty Girls Make Graves, appearing Sunday, June 8, at Tulagi, with Last Chance Diaries and Against Tomorrow's Sky, is at once menacing and seductive. When the gravitational pull of the rhythm section combines with the guitar lines of hardcore's past, then converges with the muscular, vitriolic vocals of Andrea Zollo -- who personifies what Jack Kerouac must have meant when he originally said "Pretty girls make graves" -- this Seattle-based quintet creates a definitive sound all its own. The band feels less like At The Drive-In and Bikini Kill, two acts it is constantly compared to, and more like Drive Like Jehu fronted by Johnette Napolitano, with a Tourettes-like tic. Composed of ex-members of several of Seattle's most promising acts (Murder City Devils, Kill Sadie, Death Wish Kids, Bee Hive Vaults), PGMG has lived up to the hype and hyperbole that's preceded it so far. But the bar is still high: The group is preparing for its third release in two years (The New Romance, due out in September on Matador Records) and critics and fans expect it to be the album of the year.