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Peopled with local anarchists, artists, radicals and muckrakers, the Breakdown Book Collective (1409 Ogden Street) is a refuge for alternative lifestyles, political viewpoints and artistic expression. So it seems a fitting place to reveal the more roving, experimental side of songwriter/guitarist Roger Green, who recently stretched out into the solo realm while also playing full-time with the Czars. The more personal project is, by design, always a work in progress: In a live setting, Green mates traditionally composed material with free-form improvisation, allowing his creative process to unfold before the audience while expanding his own definition of songcraft. Green will also perform with the Way Things Go, an extemporaneously minded electronic duo composed of Anne Angyal and Tyler Potts. A wonderfully scattered and witty art-school assemblage of vintage keyboard samples, synths, turntables and violins, the Way will make you think, laugh and long for the days of the almighty Casio. Creativity springs eternal on this bill, which also features George & Caplin, They Will Use Your Bones for Tools, and Pleistocene. They come to Breakdown on Friday, August 8.