Club Nights

Club Scout

Only the king of the jungle would release a CD with such a slap-your-face title as Fuck Your Style. But ragga royalty R.A.W. doesn't limit himself to the jungle; he rules over drum and bass, techno and hip-hop with ease and throws it all onto Style. The disc showcases his tightest mixes of artists, including General Malice, Oscar da Grouch and his alter ego, BBoy 3000. R.A.W. blends raggedy breakbeats and hardcore anthems with his pugilistic production style, leaving the listener battered and begging for more. During his fifteen-year legacy, his exhaustive discography has ranged from major-label releases to self-produced mix tapes, culminating in mastery of the decks and a unique sound. As a deejay, R.A.W.'s turntable assaults pound the dance floor, spinning tracks and popping samples till the last beleaguered body drops. See if your style can stand the challenge when R.A.W. hits the Snake Pit this Thursday, September 18. Bring your jungle gear.