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Club Scout

So she's not really from space (more like Russia), and her Earth-born parents named her Vlada Kudryashova. But once Space Girl starts spinning, none of that matters. Known for hard trance sets that are out of this world, Vlada originally explored the galaxy of classical piano starting at age three; her voyage included training at Moscow's Music School for Talented Children, a stint at Juilliard, and a phalanx of concerts, tours and competitions. Then a friend took Vlada to her first rave, introducing her to techno music and her future as Space Girl. Turning her talents toward the electronic world, Space Girl released her first album just one year after she bought a Roland XP-50 Workstation to write her own songs. She's now a dominant diva of the decks, thrilling dance floors with swoony, atmospheric tracks designed to keep feet moving. See Space Girl's set at Root of the Hill's Annual Underground Freak Show in Boulder this Friday, October 31, where she'll be joined by Soulslinger, QRT and an onslaught of local talent. We promise you'll be seeing stars.