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If you're looking to score a quality bump, try a little Crystal Method. Last year's compilation disc, Community Service, gave us all a peek at Method's mad mixing skills, as the chart-topping electronic act cut tracks of pure energy. Method deals from behind the decks on a DJ tour, giving junkies a fix until the next album, Legion of Boom, hits the streets in January, and the duo's rep for creating wicked grooves is equally tight when they're playing with someone else's songs. Laying down a live set of catchy breakbeats intermingled with trippy samples, funky rhythms and enough up-tempo twists to keep dance floors amped, members Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland cook up ear candy to rival the most seasoned chemists. Crystal Method's performance at Rise this Friday, November 21, promises a smooth ride without any awful crashing afterward. You'll just have to worry about withdrawal when they're gone.