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When the Sad Star Cafe closed up shop late last year, Mark Sundermier and company thought the band would fade into oblivion, allowing its members to embark on the next phase of their lives. Longtime fans, however, wouldn't let the act go quietly and have been clamoring ever since for the posthumous release of its final recordings. Last month, the Sad Star boys reconvened at Cricket on the Hill for a KISS tribute dubbed "Psycho Circus II." The set was so well-received that the fellas decided to give it one last romp for old times' sake. So this Friday, December 5, Sad Star will join Ion, Rubber Planet, Love.45 and Switchback 7 for the Soiled Dove's annual Winter Rockfest. And if a one-night stand isn't incentive enough for fans to turn that frown upside down, three tracks from what would have been the group's swan song will be unveiled in the form of an EP titled The Last Remaining Silence.