Club Nights

Club Scout

We've all seen those movies about the loser whose cool cousin moves in and transforms the hopeless geek to hipster chic by osmosis (and maybe a haircut). So is the Church trying to tell us something? In September, it brought us Las Vegas's Club Ra. And this Saturday, December 6, the venue hosts Naked Los Angeles for an event dubbed "Santa's Lil' Ho's." With Hard House headliner Lisa Lashes (right), dynamite DJ duo Audio Bullys from the U.K., AK1200 from Florida and top-shelf local DJs Jonas Tempel, Ty Tek, Steve O, D.Ecco & Sabotage, the only real entertainment imported from L.A. will be the Naked LA GoGo Dancers. But what's the deal here? Not to knock their knockers -- the girls of Naked LA would be welcome at any club (or escort service) -- but aren't Denver's own scantily clad girls wiggly enough?

Oh, well. At least the Church hasn't climbed aboard the played-out South Beach bandwagon. And fortunately, this lineup, already stacked with world-class electronic artists, is augmented by some awesome local talent -- reason enough to attend the show. But, seriously, couldn't Santa have had his elves travel the few blocks from the Church steps to Colfax if he was lookin' for some Ho's?