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Sick of bells ringing and angels winging, not to mention ghosts who just like to help people? Do you use Nightmare Before Christmas as a warmup before House of 1000 Corpses to really get into the spirit of the season? Then you must be a fan of the murder-metal masters in Malignari. If doom had a soundtrack, Malignari is what you'd hear: an unholy sludge not unlike what might occur if the contents of Dahmer's acid barrels were converted to sound. Eerie undertones of melody flay the flesh of heavy rhythms atop riffs that conjure the gates of hell opening, the songs strangely appealing beyond the band's shock shtick. Melting the fat and gristle reveals Malignari's strong, structured bones underneath the layers of gore, and the band's CD, We Live...You Die, acts as a Y-incision to display the healthy heart within the music's twisted torso. Santa brings something for the S&M freaks -- skulls and mutilation, of course -- when Malignari and its Emergency Response Team (the band has an ongoing problem keeping its members technically alive, sometimes requiring artificial resuscitation efforts mid-show) join Kronow this Saturday, December 20, at Whiskey Bill's. Bring your own body bag.