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Punk took a nefarious turn for the bland the day that groups like Green Day laid claim to the moniker. The genre has since been about as exciting as a Boulder compost heap. Luckily for anyone old enough to remember when punk's Pistols were loaded, the new front of proclaimed punkers have unearthed a tackle box full of hooks that more than make up for the brazen abrasiveness of yesteryear. With sharp edges and meaty bait, Antik is luring in listeners by the school. The group's members -- guitarist/vocalist Sean Hakes, bassist/vocalist CJ Latham, guitarist Cody Durham and drummer Adam Hansen -- fill stage and songs with eager verve and a drive often unmatched in their more jaded elders. Catch Antik with P-Nuckle and Rose Hill Drive this Thursday, April 8, at the Fox Theatre. Be there, punk.