Club Nights

Club Scout

Few would expect frustration to be the catapult responsible for launching the career of an international DJ. Nevertheless, after continued disappointment with the musical segregation common in clubland, the stars finally aligned themselves for the entrance of New York City's premier gender illusionist, Miss Honey Dijon. Showing no fear of mashing up disparate genres from '80s-era disco, new wave, deep house and techno, Dijon has built a solid reputation based on an inimitable ear for track selection, earning her praise from such luminaries as Derrick Carter and Danny Tenaglia. For her trademark sound, she pulls forgotten classics from the vaults of pop history and fluidly blends them with heaping doses of funky house to produce a potent mix more lethal than a cyanide cocktail. Regular bookings outside the Big Apple include international destinations such as London, Paris, and Cologne, as well as DJ sets at prestigious affairs like the annual Winter Music Conference in Miami. The jet-setting jockette will touch down Saturday, April 24, at Serengeti for an exclusive evening of sticky-sweet dance-floor decimation.