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Mötley Crüe's tempestuous timekeeper, drummer Tommy Lee, has been through it all. His personal sagas range from a seemingly idyllic marriage to Heather Locklear to smooching with Prince's ex-wife, Mayte Garcia-Nelson -- not to mention his time spent in court, which has kept things interesting. But it's his torrential tabloid relationship with Pamela Anderson that created Lee's, ahem, film debut -- a homemade sex tape allegedly stolen from the couple's private safe. Really rocking the headlines, the movie made Internet-downloading history, and people who couldn't name a single Mötley Crüe hit suddenly knew all about Tommy Lee. The act's heyday produced plenty of titles to choose from. Crüe went from Sunset Strip bad boys sharing an apartment to chart-topping MTV darlings, then to overfed, overdrugged and mostly just over. Feuds between members eventually led to solo-career belly flops -- including Lee's Methods of Mayhem, which never got too far off the ground. Add to that last year's tour de farce, when many dates were canceled because of poor ticket sales. But Lee's got plenty of cojones, as any porn fan can tell you, and he's back and ready for action with a DJ tour. Check out his package when he stops by Avalon this Friday, May 14.