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Put another dime in the jukebox, baby: Joan Jett's coming to LoDo. First Vixen of rock and roll Jett (aka Joan Larkin) and her all-girl band of Runaways were around long before today's so-called grrrrls ever had a period to moan about. Spiked, edgy, yet undeniably feminine, Jett owns the half-cocked carefree look with the sound to match. She sings a come-hither stanza seconds before she reminds you why a guitar is sometimes called an ax. Shooting riffs that zoom right through you, this Jett hasn't lagged since she first set foot on a stage and delivered the raw vitality that earned her a spot among the bad boys. The leather-clad chick doesn't break rules; she simply exists outside of them. Who else could serve up licks like those cranked by the Stones or AC/DC and cover the saccharine psychedelia of "Crimson and Clover"? Her teenage arrival delivered a kick that changed the future of women in music, and she's been Jett-fueled ever since. Although the singer-songwriter-superhero is too loud and wild to be a Lilith, she's perfect for appearing nearly nude on her album covers -- not to mention her knack for writing indelible anthems. "I Love Rock N' Roll," and so will you when Joan Jett hits the stage at the LoDo Music Fest this Saturday, June 10.