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Stoli and the Beers

Colorado has had a decent track record over the last few years when it comes to bands led by fierce, forceful women. Still, that might not be enough to prepare your average Denver rock slob for Stoli and the Beers. In the Alley is the trio's debut, and it lays on the ferocity thicker and faster than a When Sharks Attack! video. The disc is a feeding frenzy full of blood-curdling paeans to breakups and betrayals in which singer/guitarist Sarah Rocereta drowns irresistible melodies in a vat of screams, cranked amps and vodka-induced sloppiness, dicing together the pop savvy of the Muffs, the welt-raising intensity of the Dwarves and the surly drunkenness of all those barflies puking on Colfax right after the Lions Lair lets out. With groups like the Distillers and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs making a flashy, plastic cartoon out of woman-fronted punk, Stoli and the Beers are keeping it wild, raw and gloriously wasted.