Tricks and Treats

Extreme tour sets no limits

mon 8/9

If you thought this summer's opening of the new Halfpipe coaster at Six Flags Elitch Gardens was extreme, bro, prepare to have your top completely blown. Sports Illustrated for Kids takes it to the max with, like, seven X's today and tomorrow during the No Limits Roadtrip 2004 Tour. The traveling show promises to pull out all the stops in Denver, with live performances and interactive clinics featuring top athletes on the BMX bike and skateboard circuit.

Free to all Six Flags attendees, No Limits offers two live shows a day, with tricks and stunts normally not seen outside of premier competitions like the Gravity or X-Games. Even the most jaded Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 virtuosos will be floored by the arsenal of near-impossible skills executed on half-pipes and jump boxes.

New this year are daily one-hour clinics featuring question-and-answer sessions with athletes such as BMX biker and 2001 China X-Games silver medalist Joe Tecca and top-level pro skater and Vans Triple Crown World Cup finalist John Wilinski. The clinics will also offer spectators a chance to experience the action through demonstrations and tips from the pros.

So start sucking back those Red Bulls and practicing your best moves, because when a tour called No Limits rolls through town, things can get mighty radical.

Six Flags Elitch Gardens is at 2000 Elitch Circle; for information, call 303-595-4386. -- Adam Cayton-Holland

Top Shot

Eldorado Canyon says "Cheese"

mon 8/9

Eldorado Canyon State Park is ready for its close-up. For the second year, Ansel Adams hopefuls have been invited to submit shots of the reserve for the Eldorado Canyon State Park photography contest. The early part of the competition is less selective than that of say, American Idol, but the judging is similar: In this contest, too, the people's choice dictates the winner. Here's how it works: All entries that beat the July 31 deadline will be displayed through September 15 at the park's visitor center, where viewers can vote on their favorites in six categories, ranging from Best Landscape to Best Rock Climbing to the top prize, Best of Show.

The winner will get a digital camera, and all entries will be eligible for use on park souvenirs. Eldorado State Park is located on Kneale Road in Eldorado Springs; the visitor center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Call 303-494-3943 or visit for more information. -- Caitlin Smith

Fight Hunger With 'Bees

sat 8/7

Hippies fling Frisbees for many reasons, from drug-induced awe of the swirling colors to the inability to catch anything not floating in slow motion. But if you happen to come across a bunch of 'bee-chuckers today in the City of Cuernavaca Park, Platte and 20th streets, make no mistake about it: Them hippies got purpose. That's because Operation Frontline, a part of the Share Our Strength network, is hosting its first annual Disc Golf Tee Off, The Hunger Fling, at the park from noon to 6 p.m. The benefit will raise funds to fight hunger and malnutrition in Colorado.

The Fling features an afternoon of disc golf, or "frolf," for teams of four on a professionally designed nine-hole course along the Platte. Music, food and New Belgium beer will be provided.

Proceeds from the $25 participation fee will go to Operation Frontline programs; to register, call 303-892-8480. -- Adam Cayton-Holland