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DJ Dan

Thirteen may be an unlucky number for some, but DJ Dan planted the seeds of his career at that young age, when he figured out how to jimmy-rig his tape deck to the family turntable. Eager to follow in a famous American pioneer's coonskin-cap-wearing footsteps, however, he enrolled in Seattle's Thomas Edison School of Design to study not sound design, but clothing design. Armed with a degree (and top class rank, to boot), he migrated to the City of Angels to find work in the field of fashion. Instead, the hands of fate placed Dan in the middle of an underground warehouse party, where he was all ears (at the 120-decibel moment, it was impossible not to be). The very next day, he embarked on a crash course in the arts of programming, mixing and scratching. Accelerated-learning metaphors aside, there were to be no train wrecks in this particular engineer's career. "Loose Caboose," a track he co-wrote with Jim Hopkins (as the Electroliners), loosened cabooses galore, revealing that Dan's tracks were destined to rattle dance floors the world over. Employing neither fancy aliases nor superego-type modifiers, Dan bills himself just as he is: a competent jockey with tunes to make you move.