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It's always hotter when the lights go down. Afterdark: New York City is a seductive, low-light reminder of the soul-scorching power of good house music. This double-disc package comprises songs from two of NYC's finest labels: Distant Music (with CD one mixed by label head Jon Cutler) and Central Park Recordings (with disc two woven by house legend Osunlade). A phenomenal collection of soulful vocals, Latin conga rhythms and East Coast grind, Afterdark is quintessential deep house. The music steps briefly into the fluorescent light with saccharine lyrics like "Tomorrow may never come/You have to live for today/And you cannot be afraid/'Cause you will not be alone," on the Sole Channel mix of Cutler's "Alone." But gems on both discs -- "Only You," from DJ Jorj, and the Moves' heartbreaker, "Remember," for example -- swiftly bring the mood back into the deep folds of dusk in Gotham City.