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Scratching the Surface

When playing together, Scooter and Lavelle Dupree, the duo better known as San Diego's LSDJs, possess a chemistry that's more than simply two DJs taking turns at the turntables. Scooter and Lavelle met while playing out in San Diego. After constantly finding themselves being booked to perform at the same clubs, the pair developed a casual working relationship that quickly evolved into a solid partnership. Though each of them play very different genres of dance music -- hip-hop, and progressive house and trance, respectively -- they manage to fuse the sounds into a genre they've coined themselves: "Banging Progressive Turntablism." Essentially, Lavelle lays down a foundation of trance and house, while Scooter mixes in hip-hop loops, adding turntable acrobatics over the top. This unique sound has earned the pair a reputation of tearing apart dance floors from San Diego to Miami. The LSDJs are set to blow this Friday, September 24, at Rise, as part of the Elevation Fridays series.