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Electric Frankenstein

New Jersey's Electric Frankenstein actually gives grave-robbing a good name. By stitching together the castoff limbs of '50s rockabilly, '60s garage and '70s hard rock, the revival-minded quintet reanimates a buzzing corpse to match the monstrous fury of the Stooges or the MC5. Brothers Sal and Dan Canzonieri have been lab partners since 1991, when ex-members of Crash Street Kids, Kathedral and the Thing first convened to experiment with high-voltage vintage gear and demolition joyrides. Forty indie imprints later, the label-hopping monster has branched into art books, video games, its own clothing line and countless compilations of metal-centric bands under the volume header Fistful of Rock and Roll. Now in its thirteenth year, with as many full-length albums to its credit, Frank is touring in support of a pair of 2004 releases, Dead and Back and an all-covers double CD affectionately titled We Will Bury You. But given the band's skill with entrenching tools, a trip to the boneyard is far more exhilarating than frightening.