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Club Scout

Here's how Rob Dressel summarizes his philosophy for Diamond's Pub: "Music is what we are, not what we do." Even over the phone, his average-workingman vibe comes through loud and clear, conjuring up images of a Bruce Springsteen-type manager running a bar that Dressel admits was "built on a blue-collar budget."

Dressel has owned the venue, at 1213 West Elizabeth Street in Fort Collins, since January, taking over the business in a handshake deal. He quickly worked to overcome any unfavorable past perceptions of the place, multiplying both the quality and quantity of music on the entertainment schedule and upgrading the sound system to one with a modest 16-channel board and sufficient sonic power to get the 5,000-square-foot room rocking.

Even as it brings in both local and national talent, Diamond's Pub keeps its customers' budgets in mind. "We've never run more than a two-dollar cover, though we're going to try asking three dollars when Remedy Motel is here in October," Dressel says. Three bucks? Local bandmembers should make the drive to Fort Collins and pay that just to get a copy of the performers' resource guide that Diamond's hands out. And Remedy Motel's October 23-24 gig is definitely worth it. For more info, call 1-970-484-9988.

The cover will be higher, but also worth the price, when that underground sensation from north of the border, Tragically Hip, surfaces at the Gothic Theatre on October 13. The band's lasted over two decades -- and ten albums -- by sticking close to the roots-rock sensibilities that have strong indie appeal. Enthusiastic live shows helped Tragically Hip's homegrown fervor progress across Canada, then infect college-radio audiences in the U.S with the music's potent creativity. And now, with In Between Evolution, Tragically Hip's tenth release on a major label, the "Wheat Kings" have finally reached headliner status after supporting such acts as Guster on American tours. Get a little Hip yourself at the Gothic, one of Denver's hippest venues.