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"To escape landlord land, we created Landlordland." So reads a part of the vaguely Situationist diatribe that adorns, the Denver outfit's website. Formed in 2002, the foursome of Sylas Cooley, Dan Zmolek and stepbrothers Darren Dunn and Rich Sandoval plays music much less cryptic and obscure than its manifesto might suggest. Members of the group have previously served in no less than two Apples in Stereo-related acts -- Von Hemmling and Dressy Bessy -- although Landlordland's sharp, microchip-filtered pop strays far from either the retro or the psychedelic. With nods to Polvo and mellower, latter-era Pavement, Landlordland's angular infectiousness landed its song "American Cars" on the high-profile local compilation PS1. The quartet will begin recording its debut full-length next month at NFA studios with producer Colin Bricker, who has previously worked with hometown luminaries like the Czars and Ron Miles. Make it down to the Lion's Lair on Thursday, October 14, when Landlordland will stretch your perception of indie rock's purpose on the planet. As the band's Internet proclamation states, "Music is often the most semiotically appropriate calculus for the communication of shared experience." Or something like that.