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The Ocean Blue

The Ocean Blue's dreamy, melodic approach has changed little in the more than fifteen years since Hershey, Pennsylvania's second-sweetest export committed its lush sound to vinyl. Waterworks stays that successful course with six gleaming and ethereal gems that simultaneously inspire hopeful stargazing and forlorn shoegazing while never taking themselves too seriously. David Schelzel and Oed Ronne contribute their songwriting skills equally to create a delightful record that balances carefully between fool-in-love optimism and once-bitten caution. The jaunty, lilting marriage proposal in Ronne's "Ticket to Wyoming" contrasts starkly with the sober Spacemen 3 plod of Schelzel's "Golden Gate." Laid-back melodies, unadorned lyrics and sumptuous production throughout whet the appetite for a full-length scheduled to be released next year. But even on its own, Waterworks is a satisfying, compelling listen for fans of the jangly, vaguely British confections purveyed by fellow old-timers like the Trashcan Sinatras and Galaxie 500.