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Some bands come into this world fully formed, moving with fluid ease across the stage as if the lights and wires and racket of a rock show were their natural habitat. Constellations is definitely not one of those bands. With all the poise of a polio-stricken baby giraffe, the quartet quavers and jerks in the throes of uncertainty, not yet sure of the strength of its own limbs. Which is ironic, considering that the band's music is a confident, even forceful flexing of indie-rock dexterity and post-punk sinew. And while lots of groups today look like they're up there losing their shit, it's mostly learned behavior; with Constellations, such awkwardness comes across as genuine confusion, even joyous desperation. The focus of this majestic mess is guitarist/keyboardist Zak Brown, who twitches and bleats like someone's stitching his face up as he sings. The foursome brings its jolt of jangling discord to the Larimer Lounge this Saturday, November 13, warming up for British buzz band the Futureheads and the electrocuting spectacle of Mr. Pacman. As Brown himself yelps in the song "Pony Chancers," "We're all of a pandemonium." But as soon as Constellations finds its stage legs, look for that clumsy chaos to turn to savage grace.