Letters to the Editor

Bada Company

Boom and bust: The time following this November's election was exhausting, and for once Denver's liberal weekly was no help, choosing to run in the November 11 issue David Holthouse's "Bada Bing, Bada Boom!," a piece full of incredibly tired ideas about women (i.e. there's something fascinating about young women and the monied geriatric, the ideal woman is some sort of animated Barbie doll, and so on).

I would expect better from Westword, and Lolita, of all people, may offer some direction as to how to truly push the envelope: "Yes, this world was just one gag after another, if somebody wrote up her life story nobody would ever believe." It would be refreshing if Westword would at least try.

Shannyn Morse

Editor's note: Vladimir Nabokov himself couldn't have imagined the discussion of David Holthouse's story now posted on assorted message boards; we'll share some of that conversation in the November 25 issue. And in the meantime, and for the record, not all of the people pictured at the Halloween party were Bada Bing escorts -- some, like Eve, were just helping out at the bar.

Quarterback Sneak

Plummer bummer: Regarding Bill Gallo's Jake the Mistake comments in his "At a Loss" column in the November 11 issue, it would be much easier to join Bill's Jake Plummer-bashing bandwagon if he'd state his facts in a less distorted manner. While Bill writes about the Broncos' "mediocre 6-3 record" after the Houston game (only five teams in the 32-team NFL have a better winning percentage than the Broncos), he conveniently leaves out Plummer's performance in the Houston game (his highest QB rating as a Bronco: four TDs, no picks) when spewing out Plummer's stats to compare him unfavorably to other QBs.

Let's see, Bill states that "going into Sunday's comeback game against Houston, Plummer had attempted more passes -- 279 -- than any other quarterback in the NFL." Bill fails to inform us that at that time, Plummer had played one more game than two of the other QBs he mentioned, Daunte Culpepper and Peyton Manning. After November 7, I count eight QBs who are out-attempting Plummer in attempts per game played.

Okay, so I'm not sold yet that Jake can lead us to the promised land of a Lombardi Trophy in Jacksonville in February, but give the guy a break and at least state the stats fairly. Yes, Plummer can throw the bonehead interception more than we appreciate, but the bottom line is, as of last week, he was 15-6 as a Broncos starter -- and that doesn't suck.

Steve Metzger

What the Hill?

Generation Gap: Regarding Jared Jacang Maher's "A First Fatality," in the November 4 issue:

I'd heard of it, but unfortunately never got the chance to go to Tulagi. It seems tragic that it had to close its doors and be transformed into something that's somehow more pleasing to the new breed of Boulderite. It continually amazes me that the non-student population in Boulder can't seem to grasp that they live in a college town, and what that means.

Thanks for the article, and let's hope the place won't be turned into a sub shop -- but I guess that'd be better than the Gap.

Liz Lorang

Park and Ride

Man with a plan: Thank you, thank you, thank you for Jared Jacang Maher's excellent article on skatepark design, "Skate Nation," in the October 28 issue. Like skateparks designed by non-skaters, few things are worse than skatepark articles written by clueless writers who don't bother to do their homework. Jared Maher clearly has.

The "Skate Nation" he refers to already exists, with countless skaters crisscrossing the Northwest between Newberg, Lincoln City and Aumsville, Oregon; out to Hailey, Idaho; up north to Orcas Island, Washington. The parks bring visitors and money that would otherwise not be seen, and it's all thanks to the brilliant and visionary work of skater-owned firms like Grindline and Dreamland, and the town planners who hire them.

It is an honor to have my home town of Carbondale included on that list. Whatever Jared Maher is making, give that kid a raise!

Tyler Lindsay

Cage match: I just read the "review" Jared Jacang Maher wrote of "The Cage," the Broomfield skatepark, and I was disgusted. He failed to mention four major parts of the park. I will admit I have never skateboarded the park myself, as I am just learning how, but I have twenty or so friends who board, bike and/or blade, and they love it there. We're a small city; we don't need a huge skatepark like Denver. I have never seen any of my friends "eat teeth" because of the construction.