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Drowning Pool

Having to replace your frontman sucks. But it's an even more dicey proposition when the man who previously filled the role is seemingly irreplaceable, universally lauded by both critics and fans. Couple that with the fact that his absence is not the result of irreconcilable differences between bandmates -- à la Van Halen or Judas Priest -- but one of an unexpected loss of life. By the time Dave Williams, erstwhile vocalist of Drowning Pool, passed away in August 2002, the Dallas-based quartet's debut album, Sinner, had earned platinum status, and its single, "Bodies," with the simple refrain of "Let the bodies hit the floor," became a signature anthem for mayhem worldwide. Even after Williams's death, the tune continues to be everywhere, from Ozzfest pits to ringside at Wrestlemania to tanks on Iraqi battlefields. And had the remaining members not decided to "Step Up" and face adversity, that might have been the last we heard from the act. Instead, the Pool found a new voice in Jason Jones and returns after a year and a half layoff with Desensitized, the equally menacing yet surprisingly more accessible successor to Sinner.