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Scratching the Surface

It's a commonly held misconception that America and Europe have cornered the dance-music market. While this may have been true in the scene's formative years, new sounds and their purveyors have continued to pop up all over the globe. Take Hernan Cattaneo, for instance, who has helped put his native Buenos Aires -- not to mention the rest of South America -- on the map. Cattaneo spent several years performing in Argentina before finally getting his shot at the bigtime, courtesy of one Mr. Paul Oakenfold, whose label, Perfecto Presents, has released a string of his singles. Because of Oakenfold, Cattaneo has been exposed to millions of fans around the world and has earned residencies at Liverpool's Cream and Ibiza's Perfecto. Catch him at the Church this Thursday, December 9, and watch the international cream rise to the top.