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Little Fyodor & Babushka

New Jersey transplant Dave Lichtenberg, the bundle of nerves behind "I Want an Ugly Girl" and "Useless Shit," has always performed under his alter ego with the spaz meter running full throttle. Still, extolling life at the bottom, where it's just as lonely, Little Fyodor presents a live album that joins studio efforts Beneath the Uber-Putz and Dance of the Salted Slug. Accompanied by keyboardist Babushka, whose tin-laden tones fill out the pair's willfully undernourished sound, Fyodor feasts on angst, self-loathing and sexual frustration -- ad infinitum. As an homage to Church of the Subgenius prophet Bob Dobbs, Fyo and Bab's "Hour of Slack" includes a creepy "Invocation" by Attorney General John Ashcroft and a twisted version of Al Kooper's "This Diamond Ring." As an intermittently humorous listening experience, it twinkles in spots. But even in the hands of a full-blown crackpot who could sing "I Am Insane" with a straight face -- and have the rap sheet to back it up (paging Jeffrey Dahmer) -- fifteen scrawny seconds of fame would still feel like a life sentence. Maybe that's the whole point.