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Tragedy and loss have inspired some great songwriting throughout history -- as well as some great performances. But at the hi-dive on Tuesday, February 22, it won't be breakups or rainy days that are moving the musicians; instead, a cadre of local players will join voices to raise funds for the tsunami-relief effort in Asia. Singer/ guitarist Rachael Marcy (billed around town as Rachael Pollard before her marriage to Nathan Marcy, formerly of the Risk and Yellow Second) is one of the acts appearing on stage for charity, with Esther Hernandez accompanying on singing saw. Marcy's songs are minor-key, Cat Power-inflected confessionals that nonetheless carry overtones of social consciousness and protest; the tunes promise to take on an extra dimension of haunting melancholy. Also appearing will be Bad Weather California; Clotheshorse (née the Little Heads), which features DJ Sara T on drums; Little Adam, formerly of the Navy Girls; and DJ Jason Mueller, one of the early personalities at Radio 1190. Come down, lend your bucks to a worthy cause, and witness a generous helping of heartfelt Denver music.