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Single Bullet Theory

Whether or not one magic slug from a lone gunman actually caused seven wounds between JFK and former Texas governor John Connally is something for conspiracy theorists to argue about until Bigfoot rides a unicorn to the next Skull and Bones blood ritual. For Pennsylvanian thrash outfit Single Bullet Theory, however, any staged autopsy takes place after terminating nu-metal's command -- with extreme prejudice. Hot on the heels of last year's turkey shoot, Behind Eyes of Hatred, frontman Matt DiFabio (ex-Pissing Razors) and his fellow headbanging marksmen (former members of Seven Witches and Shadowdance) train their bolt-action scopes on every lame rap-core aluminum miner from Kid Rock to Papa Roach and squeeze off several rounds. Scraping deeper for a sound more in the vein of Pantera's Cowboys From Hell era, Single Bullet offers a blistering aural apocalypse of blind, blunt rage played at near-athletic intensity. It's the kind of old-school onslaught that both metal purists and ballistics experts can agree upon -- the Warren Commission excluded.