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If the name Bernard Bickerstaff sets off a buzzer, it should. His father, Bernie Bickerstaff, used to helm the Denver Nuggets and currently oversees the expansion Charlotte Bobcats alongside another one of his sons, assistant coach John-Blair Bickerstaff. As for Bernard, he performs under the pseudonym Mysfyt with SleepinGiants, a four-member squad whose latest disc scores at a decent clip but could benefit from a higher shooting percentage.

The Hiatus: Reloaded sports better-than-average production for a local hip-hop disc, as well as arrangements that make good use of Jenny Vinatieri, aka Chaos, whose vocals stand out on the likes of "Here We Come" and "Break It on Down." The variety she provides is appreciated, because the flows of Mysfyt and fellow emcee Andre "Big Grudge" Burton lack the sort of range that would land the disc solidly in the winners' column. Every team, whether in basketball or rap, needs a little change of pace.