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Does the phrase so smart, its dumb mean anything anymore? If so, you couldnt find a more perfect example of it than Sexyharrasment, the debut full-length by an enigmatic Broomfield duo known as Lint! Swinging blindly between remedial electro-pop and Negativland-esque noise collages, vocalist/programmers Arlo White and Jason McDaniel (a member of Dario Rosas twisted menagerie) take cheap shots at rappers, rock groupies and Teutonic techno, mumbling and stumbling their way through songs with freakish titles like Crazy Foam + Crazy Face = Crazy Mother, Crazy Crazy and [email protected] But theres mentation to this madness. Sure, Jolly Bobbins sounds like Syd Barrett disemboweling a beatbox, but its as cleverly infectious as a miniature They Might Be Giants and Number Three Combo is a heart- (and belly-) warming tribute to the Mom and Pop teriyaki shop/Just down the block from my house. Of course, theres always the possibility that Lint! is simply so dumb, its dumb. Either way, Sexyharrasment is irrefutably retardedand, strangely enough, charming and catchy as hell.