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Denver's infamous "No Bullshit Dance Party" is about to become "Denver's No Smoking Party." Sara Thurston, aka DJ Sara T, has announced plans to move Danceotron, the wildly popular club night she founded in April 2002, from its current home at the hi-dive (7 South Broadway) to Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom (2637 Welton Street), which has already instituted a non-smoking policy. Thurston, who plays drums in Hot House and Clotheshorse, has choked down more than her fair share of secondhand smoke. And lately, it's taken a toll on the DJ, who suffers from chronic asthma.

"I would have liked to keep it at hi-dive," she says of Danceotron, "but I can't sacrifice myself for anyone else anymore. I'm not telling anyone to stop smoking. I just want a healthy environment where people can dance and leave feeling good. For the past two months, I've been ill -- having no energy, not being able to go out and not being able to function.

"I play out all the time, so I understand the circumstance: If I'm playing drums, I can't really ask somebody to stop smoking," she adds. "But if it's my party, and if it's about dancing -- that's pretty much what the original people came to do, and that's what people still come to do -- I'm losing some of my original people, because it's too smoky."

Danceotron's last night at the hi-dive is slated for Saturday, May 7. And on Friday, May 27, when Danceotron debuts in its new home, the night will not only be no-smoking, but open to all ages. For more details, visit

Meanwhile, Radio Bums and Denver Nuggets DJ David Lopez, aka DJ Psycho, is preparing to introduce a pair of new club nights that feature a style of music relatively new to Denver. Although reggaeton -- a hybrid of rap and reggae with a distinct Latin flair and roots in Puerto Rico -- is immensely popular in other parts of the country, there haven't been any Mootown nights devoted to the emerging genre. Until now. "It's music I have been listening to for a long time," Lopez explains. "People were asking for it, so I decided to do it."

Starting on April 28, his Club Azul will take up residency at Club Allure (1111 Lincoln Street) every Thursday, with Psycho spinning reggaeton, salsa and merengue, as well as some occasional hip-hop cuts. And on Saturday, April 30, Club Zocalo -- a purely Latin night with no hip-hop -- will make its debut at Club Sky (1520 20th Street). Should be a reggaeton of fun.