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Eagles of Death Metal

Although these Eagles are desperadoes of a sort, they won't be mistaken for Glenn Frey or Don Henley -- and they're not exactly Cannibal Corpse clones, either. The band is one of approximately 5,000 side projects overseen by Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, who's identified on the sleeve of Peace Love Death Metal, the Eagles' 2004 debut on the AntAcidAudio imprint, as "Carlo Von Sexron (or Baby Duck)." Joining him is longtime pal Jesse Hughes, aka "J Devil Huge," and together with a guest crew highlighted by Miss Queen B (Distillers leader Brody Armstrong, whose name is misspelled on the jacket), they offer up a decidedly loopy variation on the Queens' sun-baked psychedelia. Take the spare but fuzzy "Bad Dream Mama," on which Hughes uses a goofy semi-falsetto to deliver couplets such as "I'm here right now/I want to be your monkey!" Given the players' fondness for titles such as "Whorehoppin' (Shit God Damn!)," no one's apt to take this project too seriously, but their spirited lunacy makes the Eagles an inspired addition to the Stone Agers' current tour. Expect Homme and company to take it to the limit.