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Tilly and the Wall

"In Bed All Day." "Sad for a Day." "Sad Sad Song." Titles like these might lead you to believe that Omaha's Tilly and the Wall are purveyors of some serious suicidal gloom -- or at least a little teenage cutting. Of course, it's kind of hard to beat out a tempo of depression on tambourines, bells, shakers and tap shoes. And yet, that's exactly what constitutes Tilly's rhythm section. In addition to sweetly caressed guitars and tickled keys, the youthful coed quintet employs one Jamie W. to keep time by tap dancing. Not that the whole band isn't on its toes; the songs spun across 2002's Woo! and last year's Wild Like Children are as hyper and exuberant as a rerun of Romper Room. Local heroes Hot IQs will be opening the Bluebird show as a warmup for a trek to Salt Lake City that the two groups will take together the following night. With a bill like this, there won't be room for a frown -- or a stationary ass -- in the house.