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It takes balls to put out a DVD of your band superimposed over historic footage of the Beatles at Shea Stadium. But testicular fortitude has never been in short supply when it comes to Denver's Wanker. Brains, perhaps -- but that's another kettle of one-eyed fish. On Saturday, June 25, Nicky Stiff, Jimi Stench, Bobbi Gleep and frontman 714 will take a trip down what's left of memory lane when they unveil The Total Wanker at the Oriental Theatre -- revisiting the foggy haunts of yesteryear with a compilation of various music videos, live performances and assorted tomwankery. Of course they'll play a live set, too, wearing God knows what. Doctor scrubs? Football uniforms? Hideous eyeliner, garbage bags and feathered boas? Part fashion disaster, part walking museum curio, Wanker remains Colorado's best glam-trash answer to Spinal Tap, and for good reason: The act is unapologetically cheesy, putting frigid white girls in their place and choking the chicken like there's no tomorrow. Need more references? Just ask Rosie Palm and her five sisters.