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What's in a name? A whole hell of a lot, if yours sucks. After starting life in 2003 with the awkward moniker Tobias Jupiter, The FlashBangs adopted their current tag a few months ago -- and picked up a Best of Denver award for Best Band Name Change in the process. Just as remarkable an evolution is evident on Viva La Blah Blah Blah, the quintet's upcoming debut full-length. Due for release later this summer, the disc comes on like a grittier incarnation of Sahara Hotnight's sizzling, femme-fueled power pop, with a ten-song harangue against all things shitty: jobs, drinks and boyfriends. The FlashBangs will be celebrating the Fourth of July at one of the Larimer Lounge's infamous afternoon BBQ shows, alongside Ginkins, Thank You Donny, the Bonnie Situation, Code Name: Trixie, Pukemop and Slouch. Hmm, no offense, but maybe the rest of the lineup ought to follow the FlashBangs's name-change lead.