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The Willowz

Lots of bands have gotten their big break by having their music appear in movies. But seeing the Willowz live, it's obvious that -- regardless of the group's inclusion on the soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind -- the quartet doesn't need visions of Kirsten Dunst in her underwear to be compelling. Formed in Anaheim, California, when its members were teens (they're still barely of age), the Willowz inject the flaccid form of garage rock with pimply agitation and pure pop, touching on everything from the Flamin' Groovies to later Angry Samoans to Love (whose "My Flash on You" the group does a blazing in-concert rendition of). Their newest full-length, Talk in Circles, hit the shelves in May, but the foursome is also gearing up for a split single with local rock outfit the Swayback. Tonight's show will be the record-release celebration, culminating in a brief tandem tour that will no doubt be one more step toward the Willowz's world domination.