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Reverend Glasseye

The Reverend Adam F. Glasseye looks at the Old American West through the glass eyes of shady sailors and traveling salesmen. The Right Reverend -- formerly of Slim Cessna's Auto Club -- fills his snake oil Chautauqua with dark visions, bizarre instruments and stories of salvation and damnation. Honored in his adopted hometown of Boston for his deranged originality and unhinged junkyard rock, Glasseye released the Happy End and Begin EP earlier this year, just whetting our parched whistles for the coming full-length. Glasseye and his ensemble, the Wooden Legs, assemble a frightening racket that evokes Nick Cave and Tom Waits gyrating in a cage behind the bar in Weimar-era Berlin. The Reverend's banging, clanging blend of carny klezmer and cabaret country is bound to scare the hell out of even the bravest souls.