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Gravy Train!!!!

Gravy Train!!!! makes trashy new-wave hip-hop that spazzes out on the infected suture where J.J. Fad and Missing Persons might meet for glory-hole action, replete with singing that sounds like a junkyard-dog quartet. The production value of Are You Wigglin?, the act's followup to 2003's Hello Doctor, is just somewhere below the skuzziest cassette you've ever popped into a shorted-out ghetto box. But the clubbed-out keyboards, slobbering guitar licks, savaged girl-group harmonies and bathroom-orgy humor boomerangs from the outskirts of cheesy straight back to smack you in the booty. In tight, two-minute scattershots, Gravy Train!!!! captures a sneering and propulsive punk energy that supersedes its scatological underpinnings and rough edges, leaving something akin to snorting a rail of pure, unabashed fun. -- Terry Sawyer