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Des Ark

The rock duo is the new quartet. The White Stripes, the Dresden Dolls, the Black Keys and many more have proven that two people with the right raw mixture of talent, originality and balls can rawk far harder than bands twice their size. North Carolina's Des Ark is rock's latest two-headed beast. While the pair's debut, Loose Lips Sink Ships, opens with a simple, restrained acoustic number, the chunky riffs, intricate rhythms and furious vocals of track two -- the ode to cheating men called "No More Fighting Cats, OK?" -- give notice that Des Ark came to kick some ass. Timothy Herzog lays down the mean beats while Aimee Argote transforms herself from quiet girl to riot grrrl without warning and without pity. Bruisingly honest, intelligent and seductive, Des Ark proves that less can be much, much more.