Art Review


There is a disturbing downward correction happening in the local art world. Pod and Capsule will soon just be Capsule, with the Pod part turning into studios. At the first of the year, Studio Aiello, where the commercial-gallery part of the complex is closing, will be turning most of its spaces into studios. And Pirate is losing approximately half of its floor space, which is being walled off and rented out separately to other tenants.

Here's another example: When I went to check out Jared Paul Anderson's solo at The Annex, the place was empty. It turns out that The Assembly (766 Santa Fe Drive, 303-910-9683), an artist collective, has given up The Annex, its secondary exhibition space. The storefront has been leased out to another not-yet-open art spot, the Zanthia Gallery, so I guess, in this case, it's not a loss to the art world, but it's still a loss for The Assembly.

The Assembly is also about to lose Mark Logan, a key player in the group. He plans to remain an associate member, but he's moving to Tucson and will necessarily be divorced from the day-to-day activities of the collective.

Logan's move was on his mind when he put together Nude, his current solo at The Assembly. As he was going through his possessions while packing to move, he came across various items that could be regarded as junk but had meaning to him. Logan took these found objects and covered them in epoxy resin, disguising their original uses. He then painted them with acrylic paints in colors based on his own skin tones and trimmed them out in metallic gold.

The work is not what I'd have expected from Logan, who's typically known for abstract paintings. Even he acknowledges that the pieces in Nude are "side projects."

Nude runs through August 27 at The Assembly.