Letters to the Editor

A Funny Thing

Milking the joke: Adam Cayton-Holland, you fucking kill me! I'm serious -- I still have your side-splitting bit on Carmelo's plate-tectonic hydroponic chronic saved in my favorites. Last week's What's So Funny on Mile High Milk was likewise pure hilarity.

Keep it rolling -- you're a badass.

Amy Stengel

On the Road Again

A welcome distraction: Thanks for some laughs.

Amelia Langer's August 25 "Another Roadside Distraction" was welcome after a day of reading about great Colorado dads blowing away their three-year-old's brains, molesting children, etc.

Nick Werle
Colorado Springs

Sermon on the Mountain

Jackpot: Regarding Michael Roberts's "Jacked," in the August 25 issue:

Yeah, I've listened to Jack. It's homogenous and at times very cheesy, but it's better than so many Top 40 stations.

What it's not better than is the Mountain. Roberts talks about the 2,000-song playlist on Jack like it's impressive. The Mountain's playlist is ten times that, and not nearly as cheesy. Reminds me (somewhat) of AM radio in the '70s, before everything got splintered. Charlie Rich, followed by Bread, followed by Deep Purple, followed by America, followed by the Eagles, etc., etc.

Just my opinion. Nice piece, by the way.

Dave Maddux

The Turn of the Screw

Life lessons: I read "Screwed for Life," Patricia Calhoun's well-written column in the August 18 issue. This is an astounding situation, and it's sad to have someone's life ruined by overly ambitious, politically motivated people. I am the mother of three adult, college-educated children; any one of my children could have been in the same situation as Kumbe.

We were lucky; Kumbe was very unlucky.

Fran Carter

Making a list: Patricia Calhoun's "Screwed for Life" angered me tremendously. It angered me because I personally know a man who downloaded hundreds of files of child porn on his computer, yet when the law and social services found out, he never had to be on probation and he never was entered in a sex-offender file. The reason? I think it has to do with a statement his lawyer made to the district attorney: "You can't prove my client downloaded those files. His wife and children could have downloaded them!" (Both of his children were under nine.)

There is very little justice in this world: People who shouldn't be on the sex-offender list are, and people who should be there aren't. The sad thing is that too many parents think a sex-offender list is all they need to keep their children safe. They don't realize how many people have escaped justice.

Name withheld on request

Data rape: In her letter last week, Tamika D. Payne of the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault wrote that "only 2 percent of rape claims are false allegations." Does this include the hundreds, if not thousands, of folks like Kumbe who copped to a "guilty" plea on the false promises from a broken system that would, they mistakenly thought, allow them to just (eventually) get on with their lives rather than get dragged through endless legal costs and a possible prison sentence for something they didn't do? And she has the gall to accuse Westword of a "lack of facts"?

She states, if I may paraphrase, that CCASA (or is it "CCACA"?) promotes active communication between young people who are going to engage in sex. That's amazing. So besides skewing facts and pointing out the obvious to young folks who are ready to get it on, does CCASA actually do anything? Or is it yet another worthless, politically correct, bureaucratic organization run by half-wits and rejects who seek lifelong revenge for their own inadequacies and personal, tragic history on the short bus to school? Much like the same organization that unfortunately has the law on its side as it forces people like Kumbe Ginnane to jump through hoops eternally for a crime he most likely never committed?

Furthermore, I fail to see how Westword's pointing out the race issues in this case is discounting anything, as Payne states. Race is obviously an issue, especially at the University of Colorado and especially in Boulder, both in this case and in many other disturbing Boulder happenings over the years.

The local irony of this whole fucked-up social issue is that the very same political correctness that emanates from Boulder like bacteria from the center of a cesspool is the foundation of twisted logic that keeps any real justice from occurring, and that Boulder consistently is the location where these types of events keep happening.